Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Would You Ask God, Given The Chance to Have A One-On-One?

I caught part of a radio interview with a writer who wrote a book answering that question. If you believe in God, it's a fascinating question.

For the record, I believe in God, but not necessarily in organized religion. I can't, for the life of me, believe that God cares how we dress, or has decided what we should/shouldn't eat, or has given the power to heal or forgive only to a chosen few. Let's face it, the most "devout" followers of any given religion are usually the most boring because they have no interest in experiencing anything outside their safety zone. I happen to think that most religious rituals bring money the house of worship they are performed in, so the leaders of those houses of worship "scare" their congregants into "faith." I don't believe any baby is born with sin and don't really believe in purgatory. I do, however, believe in hell. 

I also believe that God has given us free will and he wants us to explore that free will. He wants us to make the right decisions, but doesn't judge when we make the wrong ones. I have proof of this in my own life. I married the wrong man (but know that I loved him very much for about 25% of my life), yet, after I divorced him, I was immediately happier. If I were a religious person, I would never have considered divorce.

I think if I were given an opportunity to interview God, I'd ask how my feelings of happiness and relief could ever be conceived as sinful.

I'd ask him why the good die young.

I'd ask him why the levels of wealth in humans varies so greatly? I'd also ask why the wealthy seem to think it's ok to behave badly?

I'd ask him if my parents will live a good long time. I'd ask him if my mother will blow a gasket when the day comes that I tell her she can't drive anymore.

I'd ask him if Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle J can really hear when I talk to them. I'd ask him to hug them for me and to tell them how much I miss them.

I'd ask God if C's business will flourish. I'd ask him when M will write that book. I'd ask him when K will find her life's path. I'd ask him if I will ever make Sunday sauce as well the Other M. I'd ask if G will ever find the strength that we all know is in her. I'd ask if J knows just how good she has it. I'd ask if D will ever get a break to enjoy some solitude. I'd ask if L knows how much I long for the summer days of our youth.

I'd ask him if there really is such a thing as too many coffee mugs (so far, 19 is NOT too many). I'd ask him why jeans aren't appropriate attire for ALL situations/occasions.

I'd ask if it's ok to want to be the center of attention once in a while.

I'd ask if my child will always be this happy. I'd ask him to reveal the future, just this once, to let me know if contentment will follow her all the days of her life.

I'd ask him if I'll ever find another Great Love. I'd ask him if the red-hot-passion kind of love and Sunday-Morning-papers-in-bed kind of love and sassy-black-dresses-and-heels kind of love and doesn't-matter-if-my-makeup's-on-or-not kind of love is a thing of the past for me.

I probably wouldn't get many answers from God, but then again, it's the unknown that makes life so interesting. I don't mind reading about movie spoilers, but life spoilers...nah, now that I've thought about it, I think I'll pass. I heard a saying a while back: God made the Earth round so we wouldn't see too far ahead. Perhaps that's the truth. Perhaps the Earth, the heavens, the oceans and our imaginations are so vast just for that reason, so we don't get too many answers to our questions. The questions make me not want to stop exploring.

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