Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Been Ages Since I've Written A Thing...

...'cept checks and work related emails....

I hate that I go through looooong periods of not having anything to write. I've had some wonderful experiences over the last few months, but not the time to properly put into words how I feel about them.

I had some girlfriends come to stay with me during spring break and it was AMAZING!! I had a friend from Montana, 3 from Atlanta, 3 from Manchester (the one in ENGLAND, not Vermont), a couple we're friends with came up from Charlottesville, Virginia and my cousin came for a day too. This is the group of women that I met at that online book club and we all connected immediately. I showed them all over my city and we made spectacles out of ourselves at several different venues. But, hey, that's just the way we roll!!

I've had some issues with the Ex worked out, of course, with the court's help. He can't simply talk to me, he's got to get the courts involved, but that's part of his disease. He's an alcoholic and well, all addicts are notorious attention whores, unless, they're using their drug of choice. The Kid wants no part of him, but of course, that's my fault. He says I'm turning her against him. He has no understanding of his own child if he thinks for one hot NY minute that anyone could make The Kid do/think/feel something she doesn't want to. It's pathetic. But I know that in the end, I'm her favorite. I have been since the nights of her infancy when he was too chit-faced to care that she was in a wet diaper. I took care of everything from Day 1 and she knows it. I'm her greatest champion, and she knows that too.

Things are work are crazy busy, but I'm thankful for it. With the economy as unstable it is, I'm thankful for my civil servant job, complete with benefits and security. Sure, I'd make a fuck-load more money doing what I do at a private hospital, but I could be out of a job *snap* like that if the powers that be decided that was best. So, I trudge along, day in and day out, not letting my job/career choice define me.

The Kid is going to have a fabulous summer. I registered her for a new day camp, with sports, crafts, 2 swims a day...and she's going with her best friend. Man, I wanna go to camp again. I'm still in touch with my summer sister; we went to camp together for 8 years. I hope hope hope The Kid makes a friend like that one day.

I joined the gym again. I let my membership lapse about 18 months ago and just re-joined on Saturday. I'm not looking to be a size 4 or to fit into a bikini. I just want to feel good again; I just want to feel stronger. I want some strength, some stamina, and perhaps a little more self esteem. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite comfortable in my own skin. I like my body, even if it isn't Victoria's Secret catalog worthy. I've survived surgery, childbirth, the feelings of worthlessness and want to feel the triumph again,

We had our year end party for my Brownie troop on Friday. Man, I'm gonna miss those girls. We had 11 in our troop and most of them have known one another since their day care days. It was a nice mix and since we only met 2x a month, it wasn't too much of a burden. There's one girl who just won my heart. She's Asian by birth, and was adopted by American parents as a toddler and brought to the US. She's American through and through, but has an Italian name to go with her Asian face. She's also a very old soul. She has probably seen things in the orphanage that you and I can't imagine. Her adoptive mother is also an old soul and these two are so tightly bound. I'm thankful I've witnessed their love. Anyway, I split the driving/drop-offs with the other leader and this sweet girl told me that she wants to come in my car whenever we drive anywhere because she likes to be near me. Can you hear my heart soar?!?

I have to say that The Kid has made such a great group of friends and I'm lucky to have become friends with a few of the moms. It's one of the reasons I love where we live. It's not a small-town, but it's definitely a community.

I hope to find more time to write...I want to blog, I want to journal, and I want to write more children's stories. Writing is an outlet that soothes me and helps me grow. It invites people into my life in controlled doses.

Welcome back...

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Alyson Mahon said...

I'm glad that things have been busy for you in a good way. It sounds like you have a lot in your life to lift you up, and that's important. And I'm glad that things are getting resolved w/Ex; I never realized he was an alcoholic!! :-O