Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End, 2007

So, tonight is New Year's Eve. The day and night when so many people will be trying to tie up all the loose ends of 2007. There will be countless accoutants doing year-end counts (how's that for the use of alliteration?!?), bartenders and servers will make an entire month's rent in tips...and I'll be spending with my family.

My cousin is hosting as she did on Christmas and so a fun time is just about guaranteed. ML will, of course, make too much food, will give my mother too many Brandy Alexanders and we will all laugh too loud. Sounds like a good time to me.

This will be the first year I will let FRU stay up till midnight. Since her birth, I've always tucked her in at her regular time and cuddled on the couch, trying like hell to keep my eyes open till midnight. Before Ex and I split up, we made a tradition of going out on December 30th. We called New Year's Eve "Amateur Night." People who don't drink all year get all liquored up on New Year's Eve and make complete spectacles of themselves...and usually not in a good way. We liked to avoid this public display of intoxication at all costs. So we did it a full 24 hours before anyone else. Yeah, we're rebels.

But that aspect of my life, like so many others, has changed since my divorce. I spent New Year's with my family now. Actually, if memory serves, I was in my pajamas by 8:00pm last New Year's and spent it alone on my couch. I was perfectly content to doze while waiting for the world's most expensive chandeleir to make its yearly descent over Times Square.

So, as this Yenta slowly comes to the end of 2007, it seems like a good time to reflect. My divorce was finalized, I re-entered the dating pool, my daughter started kindergarten and learned to read, I went away with my girlfriends to Pittsburgh and had a fabulous time, and I came back to center. The divorce completely scrambled my life, but as I build it again, I'm realizing that Iwas a lot stronger than I thought. I have a lot more to offer than I thought. I just need to find the right person to share it with; no more co-dependent lunatics for me, thankyaverahmuch...

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