Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh, The Possibilities...

Today is Friday and it's right before the long MLK Day weekend.

What is it about 3 day weekends that get everybody so crazy? Is it because a) they can say "Naner, naner" to the alarm clock on Monday morning? or b) because they can get some project done, like painting the living room or laying kitchen floor tiles? Or c) because they have a extra 24 hours to goof off?

I'm going with "c" least that's why I get so worked up about them. I have an extra night to watch movies, more time to do fun stuff with my child and one extra day to wear jeans.

Oh, the possibilities of an extra 24 hours. It's like a gift from God.

When I was a kid, MLK Day wasn't a federal holiday. It was celebrated in school and we learned about the Civil Right Movement and how Dr. King's words affected the way society treated those who look different than our founding fathers.

It was a loooooong stretch between Christmas break and the long President's Day weekend. Six weeks of snow, cold and misery. When I was in high school, MLK's Birthday was declared a National Holiday. All of a sudden winter didn't seem, so bad. We got a nice little break to either play in the snow or to never leave the house.

Now that I'm a grown-up (shhh, don't tell anyone!), those long weekends help the time pass like few things can. They help mark the passage of seasons and years. Many come with parades and traditions. There are barbeques in summer, sales in the fall, and skiing in winter. The possibilities are endless.

For me, though, it's all about the possibility of goofing off and not getting trouble...

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