Friday, August 5, 2011


Today is Friday. A simple, summer Friday. I don't have much planned for the weekend but I'm excited nonetheless.

Just the word Friday gets me worked up. There's is so much potential in those two syllables that I get downright giddy. I call Thursday, "Pre-Friday." Anything to get an extra Friday.

Fridays normally start with me pulling on jeans instead of the dress pants or dress that I wear Monday through Thursday. I have a little extra spring in my step. I take a little extra time doing my make-up so it's Friday-worthy.

Everyone at work has a different attitude on Friday too. Although my boss is wearing a suit, I can tell he's got one foot out the door to be with his children. My work friends all talk about what they'll do over the weekend, or what they won't be doing.

Dinner on Fridays is always something fun, like tacos or pizza...never something serious, like meatloaf.

I'm not afraid to have some coffee on Friday nights. I still need to get early to walk my dog on Saturday mornings, but I can be a rebel and go back to bed if I feel like it. I usually don't, though. i usually take my coffee out on the balcony and enjoy the quiet and the solitude before the crushing pressure of the average Saturday starts.

By the end of the average Friday, I'm usually exhausted. Being a single mother and working full-time is not good for having a wickedly exciting social life, but by Friday night, although I'm really tired, I also feel almost invincible. I've reinvented the wheel and slayed dragons all week and I want to enjoy some well-deserved rest.

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