Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was a junk-purging mad woman this weekend. I went at The Kid's bedroom with a Take-No-Prisoners attitude. I threw out what seemed like 14 dozen headless nude Barbies, a million game pieces that lost their boxes, game boxes that lost their pieces (yet the pieces I found didn't go with any of the games, not sure how that happened), worn out fuzzy slippers, bits of construction paper, dried out markers, plastic bangle bracelets and other assorted "stuff."

I cleaned out my own bedroom closet and got rid of at least 25 tops and 10 pairs of pants that I have no intention of ever wearing again.I went through the plastic containers in my kitchen and threw out all the containers with no tops, and the tops that had no containers.I still haven't gotten to the load of junk on my dining room table, but I'll get to that tonight.

Sometimes you need to do more than pray and reflect and put forth positive energies to get what you want. Sometimes you need to move the physical mess out of the way too. At least that's what my mom says. I need to do this kind of purging more often. There's one bedroom that I've never set up properly because it's just got stuff in it. I've made it my summer project to clean out that room, no matter how much it haunts me. I'll get to that one day soon, I swear!!

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