Friday, September 28, 2007

Just So Ya Know, I Still Hate Playing Games and Other Musings

Ok, I'm sooo done with R...but it seems like he was done with me first, so that point is moot, huh?

The whole thing came out of left field, kinda side-swiped me, spun me around till I was dizzy and then exited stage right.

I liked R, I did...was I planning on packing my stuff and start shopping for a white dress...ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I would have liked to continue to see him. Maybe he was pissed that I didn't call, maybe my expectations were too high, maybe I wasn't reading the universe's signs that were telling me not to bother with him...who knows, but if he really is as needy as his last text message indicates, perhaps it's just as well that we didn't get too involved.

I have no idea what happened, but on, another front, I have the whole weekend laid out in front of me. FRU will spend the weekend with Ex so as of about Noon tomorrow, I'M ON MY OWN, for about 24 hours. Oh, the possibilities...

I think I'll head to Manhattan: see a movie, go browsing in the Strand for books I don't need (but MUST have), eat in some fun, hole-in-the-wall restaurant...basically, do things for me. I'm sure there will be a new lipstick from Sephora involved and well as a plain, ole regular Coke. Man, I just love Coke, but if I drank it at the rate that I'd like to, I'd be a 800 pound diabetic with really, REALLY bad teeth.

The possibilities that are unfolding in my life are so exciting. Sometimes they leave me breathless, sometimes they leave me bewildered and sometimes it leaves me angry. But the game-playing is something I'd outlaw, given the possibility. Men and women are so cruel to one another...are there people out there who truly think they're scoring points on some cosmic scorecard when they hurt the people they date?

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