Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Movin' On...

I began the process of moving on with my life in July of 2006, when I ended my eight year marriage.

If I only knew then what I know now...

That action began a journey of self-discovery that astounds me almost every day. I have more respect from my family and friends and, most importantly, I have more self respect.

Life isn't meant to be lived in the shadows. It's meant to be dealt with head-on. That's how you get to life your fullest life. Attack problems with positive energy and the results will be so bright, they'll almost blind you.

I am a better mother, a better daughter, a better friend, a better employee...all because I learned to be honest with myself. I thought I was kidding everyone, but those who love me most saw right through me, and they knew I was full of shit. But now, I have a "Take No Enemies" mentality. I will help anyone who wants help and will guide anyone who wants guidance. I will no longer expend my precious energy on anyone who isn't willing to expend their own energy on themselves. I will no longer be held responsible for anyone's happiness. Everyone is responsible for themselves. One needs to do whatever will make them happy, but that person must accept the consequences of his/her actions.

I found my backbone in the last 7 months. I try to fill my life with light and grace. I meditate on things that trouble me. I stop and put the focus on myself when I need it. I see the joy in all of life's little gifts. I concentrate on what I want rather that what I don't want.

I don't carry around any emotional baggage. I don't let anyone push me around anymore, I don't let anyone reduce my self worth or self esteem, and I don't carry grudges for people who try to do these things to me.

I move away from the toxicity...and move on...

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