Friday, December 15, 2006

Laughing at the expense of others (aka Tales of This Year's Holiday Party)

I work in a cardiac unit in a hospital and last night was the annual holiday party. For the first time, someone else planned the whole thing and I could attend as a guest. The venue was hip and fun, the food was fabulous (Thai seafood) and all of my co-workers were on their best behavior...except one. Why is it that at every single office holiday party I've ever attended or heard about, there's always that one person who makes a complete fool of him/herself? They probably don't drink a drop of alcohol all year, but have 3-4 cosmopolitans at the party thinking they can handle it.

Well, they can't...and this person keeps us laughing all year long. You can hear this statement being uttered on the 4Th of July: "Remember so-and-so at the Christmas party...he/she got plastered and danced a Bulgarian folk dance with those dull people from Accounting."

I always feel bad laughing at these people, but they give us so much material. I mean, if someone passes out in the restroom with their pantyhose 'round their ankles, do they really think their co-workers are ever going to let them forget it?!? And for the record, this did not happen to my co-worker last night, I was just being sarcastic.

I feel badly for the person who had too much to drink last night and she was sitting at a table full of registered nurses and CV techs so I know she was well-cared for and would get home safely...but, by George, I'm just glad it wasn't me.

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