Monday, August 9, 2010

The Power of Prayer

I'm praying like the Dickens today.

A dear online friend is battling for her life. In March, she was diagnosed with breast cancer after feeling a lump during a self exam. She and her doctors immediately began planning her treatment. She went through chemotherapy but it didn't work.

Not discouraged, she went back the planning stage and began a new round of treatment, but it was discovered that she had tumors growing in the lungs.

Now, it seems that she has a brain tumor that has been deemed inoperable.

My heart is breaking for S. She has a toddler who many never get the chance to know how rockin' his mama really is. She's got a husband who is so devoted to her, it's probably best described by Janet (Chandler Bing's irritating ex-girlfriend from the sitcom Friends) who once said, "What we have is movie love, we're what Lionel Ritchie's been singing about."

They say the power of prayer is a very VERY powerful force. Man, I hope so. I feel sorry for all those damned cancer cells. They have the power of about 812 bajillion prayers to contend with today. S is not going to go without a fight and we won't let her go with doing the only thing we can.

So if you believe in the power of prayer, please PLEASE, pray for S...she could really use it.

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