Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chores, Errands and Tasks

Why is it that the more free time I have the more stuff I need to do?

I took off this week because FRU is on winter break from school (Ex will take spring break in April) and I thought it would seem like the perfect time to catch up on a few things.

Jeez, who knew I was so far behind!

On Sunday, We spent the day at my cousin's house so Gracie could get socialized with her dogs. Gracie did quite well, but one of my cousin's dogs, Bella (a 2 1/2 year old pit bull mix) was OUT OF CONTROL. This little spitfire gal was screeching and jumping and tear-assing across the floor, and finally my cousin gave up and had to leash her. To put this in perspective, Gracie is about 25 inches high at the withers and weighs about 46 pounds (yeah, she's underweight, she didn't get enough to eat at that farm, don't get me started on this!). Bella is half her size, but they weigh THE SAME! Bella is a short, stocky gal made of solid muscle and Gracie is much taller and a little more, well, graceful, no pun intended.

My cousin also had an 11 year old Labrador mix named Duke, whom we refer to as Duke the Diplomat. Duke is everything you'd want in a dog, he's perfectly trained and such a joy. He's getting up there in years and honestly, I don't want to have to be the one to tell my cousin when he takes his walk over The Rainbow Bridge.

Here's an example of his diplomacy: Last summer, my cousin had a camp-out with the whole family in her backyard. My 83 year old grandmother thought it would be fun to have everyone sleep out in the backyard, have a camp-fire, grill up some burgers and dogs and then have a HUGE country style breakfast in the morning. We were all drinking margaritas all day and when it was finally time for everyone to bed down, FRU got in the tent with my cousin, put her pillow up against Duke's belly (he was already laying down in the tent's corner), covered herself with her blankie and went to sleep. My cousin said that Duke didn't move a muscle until 8 hours later when FRU woke up. He just stood up, went outside, shook himself out and went off to find a nice discreet corner of the yard to take care of his morning business. My cousin said it was quite clear that he really had to go, but he wouldn't think of moving till my little one was awake.

OK, sorry for going off on a tangent like that...

Monday, FRU & I went to spend the day at my friend's house. 3 other junior high school friends came with their children and there were 5 adults and 8 kids. One other child was home, she's battling a cold. OMG, I laughed, reminisced, shed a tear or two, compared memories and sat in awe and wondered how these junior high school students could possibly be married with kids and jobs and mortgages...oh yeah, they grew up, just like I did...but all I saw were their young gorgeous faces and their innocence. After I left, I made a trip to Target since my friend lives only about 5 minutes away. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell the world that I, Laura, actually got out of Target after spending, get this...$31.32!!! That's an all-time record. And half of that was stuff for my mother. Seriously, this is BIG. I usually spend at least $100 and most of that is spent on stuff I don't need.

Tuesday, FRU went to the "Big Girl" salon with my mother for her first real haircut. No videos, no chairs shaped like race cars, no lollipops. She was thrilled. The hairdresser did a great job on her hair and it gave FRU a chance to spend quality time her grandmother. I used that time to get a much-needed fill on my nails and then I took FRU for lunch at McDonald's and she played in the play area. In the afternoon, I took FRU to get her first cavity filled. She's got 4 cavities that need attention, but one in particular needed to be taken care of right away. I never had a cavity until after I got my braces off when I was 18.

Yesterday, FRU spent the whole day with my mother while she was doing library programs at a local military base. FRU had a friend came with her and Mom said that she was sooooo good. I then had an eye doctor's appointment and had to take FRU with me. FRU must have tried on 84,000 pairs of glasses and even went to far as to pick a pair out for herself...if the need for her to wear glasses ever arises.

Lo and behold, we have absolutely NO PLANS today. In fact, as I write this, FRU is still fast asleep. I've been awake for 2 hours already, I've walked the dog and I've consumed a half a pot of coffee.

Tomorrow, FRU has a doctor's appointment in the morning and then we have the day to goof around.

It just seems that whenever I pass a store, or see an ad or read a magazine, I think of something else that needs to be done. There's always laundry to be done, food to be shopped for or prepared, floors to be swept or mopped, beds to be made, bills to be paid. I never seem to have enough time to just be Laura. I'm always the mom, the assistant, the daughter, the dog-walker and chauffeur, and the housekeeper.

I try to not let these tasks define me. I try to get out and do things that are just for me occasionally. I like to go to the movies by myself every once in a while, I like to shut the TV off and read in silence, and sometimes I just get in the car and drive to nowhere special.

I know I need to do these things for myself. If I don't then when I retire, I won't know how to entertain myself. I don't want to depend on FRU for my entertainment. I want us to be 2 separate selves who love and respect one another.

Until that happens, I'll be the task-master, knowing that I'm doing my best to take care of those around me.

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